2 Weeks in and DOG OVERBOARD!

Well, we've just about made it to the two week mark! We're still working on making tenalach a bit more home-y, but we're already feeling quite at home. All 4 of us are sleeping better each night, and Zia is making herself quite comfortable!

Enzo, on the other hand, is still figuring it out.

Shell's mom came to visit this past weekend, and got to experience some great and not so great things! Just a couple hour after she arrived, Zia got a little ambitious with the boarding ramp and went overboard. I heard Shell say "OH ^%$@ Zia's in!" and we all sprang to action. It was dark, and I didn't realize that Deb still had a hold of Zia's leash, which was attached to her safety harness. I was going for the boat hook and to drop the swim ladder, but before I could, Deb and Michelle had Zia back on deck. She was a little cold and pumped full of adrenaline, but otherwise uninjured.

We took tenalach out on her first sail. We bit off a bit more than we could chew with having an overnight guest and two other friends, Erika and AJ, on the boat with us for the first time, AND the dogs going on their first sail. The wind was blowing about 18 knots, which the boat LOVED, but the dogs didn't like the heeling so much.

The trip started with us leaving a spring line attached when leaving the slip, which is always embarrassing. We got that cleared and out into the fairway and channel with no other issues. Once out far enough into the bay, we put up the main and relaxed for a bit. We then rolled out our large genoa, and tenalach sprang to life! We briefly topped 8 kts through the water, and we didn't even put up the mizzen. We were VERY pleased with how she sailed. We learned a LOT as we went out and rounded the Thimble Shoal light, which you can see both from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. On our way to the light, Enzo decided he wanted to be in the cockpit, which is a safer place for him anyway. He was comfy there until we tacked and he slid right off onto the cockpit floor, taking some of our skin with his claws as he went. We had originally put the dogs on the aft cabin trunk, thinking they'd just stay out of the way. They didn't, opting to stand RIGHT next to the helm and directly over the traveler. This is obviously not safe, and as we got around the lighthouse we pulled the sails in and motored back. We will have to find a different place for them next time. Here are some images; it was a beautiful day! Thanks to Erika for taking these photos.

Securing the Stooges!

The Admiral!

Thimble Shoal Light. Ocean View Beach in Norfolk is in the background.

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Our new home!

To say that this last month has been a whirlwind is an understatement. Chuck and I are both mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. The best news is that we are back in the water, back at our slip, and officially living aboard!

First off, thank you to ALL that helped in this process. Without family, friends, and each other we would not have been able to be here. BIG PROPS TO MR.DAN!!! He has earned as much Bud Light on the boat as he wants. I'll even cook him dinner on the boat :)

So the update... I will do my best to get it all on here. There is a lot though so I added lots of photos if you just want to skim :)

    Before the actual work was complete,
     but an idea of what happened and the size!
  • The keel is patched and repaired. There were some additional challenges, completely unexpected, but she is patched up and painted over. Thank you to Coastal Fiberglass for their work. (www.coastalfiberglassllc.com)  The boat was primed and now has two coats of blue/ teal paint. We used the hard ablative Trinidad Sr. Purchased as West Marine.

  • Interior work is 80% complete. You can see below and after pictures of some of the work on the starboard side panel and also the ceiling. The ceiling was done with these PVC tongue and groove panels. I primed and painted them, and they are water resistant. The idea behind these versus the regular headliner was that if and when we have a leak, we can easily get to it without tearing down the whole headliner. I just need to finish a couple trim pieces, and then paint over the screws. The difference is AMAZING. I can't wait to finish the other panels in the v-berth and aft cabin. (After we sleep A LOT).

Before. Taped off for painting
After. Just need a couple trim pieces. 
This is before the trim for the mast and
the trim to cover where the PVC pieces connected.

Dan working on hanging some of the PVC in the galley! Thanks Dan!
  • We have a bed and a bedroom! This mattress was custom from Original Mattress Factory. Antonio was fantastic to work with, and this was done in a couple of days. (www.originalmattressfactory.com). We also have hypervent underneath the mattress to increase circulation. I found king size microfiber sheets at www.macys.com for $23 a set. SCORE!!!! The fitted sheet is being custom done by our new friends at Signature Canvas Makers (www.signaturecanvasmakers.com). They are knowledgeable, fantastic customer service, and have a great dog in the shop :) They are locals to the area and we will mostly be getting our cockpit cushions from them (when that time comes).

  • Officially "Tenalach". Thank you to Suzette, a friend and local artist, for painting for us. She is not complete, but rain is getting in the way of that currently. 

  • Windlass Deckplate. This was where some of the leak was coming from (along with the swim locker on the stern). Both have been repaired thanks to long hours from Chuck and Dan. 

  • Dog door built. Chuck's father came out to the house and took some of the things we are keeping to store at their house. He also helped to build a dog door so the stooges new "house" can be the v-berth while we are away from the boat. He helped install the solar vent in the aft cabin, worked on some of the side paneling, helped remove a window to re-caulk and install, AND brought us a bunch of tools to use. 

Father and son!

Stooges watching and supervising from below :)

He made his own bench while he was here!

  • Dog security. We finished the life line netting around the boat. The dogs now have their own doggie life vests. These were purchased for Kyjen, and they "make unique products to keep dogs active and engaged". We shall see! www.kyjen.com

I think we all need a nap!
We think Enzo will do just fine on the boat. Sitting on the forward deck :)
  • Fixing the wind instrument. Chuck and Dan sent me up the mast to repair the wind instrument, They thought it was just bent, but instead of unbending it I completely snapped the thing off!!! Whoops! Apparently I just wanted to go up the mast again, which I will most likely be doing later today. Thanks from West Marine for helping up find the parts, and we were able to order from www.defender.com. 

Good thing I am not afraid of heights!
  • Back in the water! After a month out of the water at Dandy Haven (we thought it would be 10 days) they put us back in. Scary watching your new house swing like that. Thank you to Dandy Haven for being amazing. We know we made some mistakes and some first timer inconsiderate moves at the boat yard, but we won't go anywhere else to haul out. www.dandyhavenmarina.com.  

  • First night on the boat! We still have more stuff than expected and will be getting rid of more. We are getting settled as best we can, but last night was interesting. Just like any new place, there are new sounds and it rained. The dogs were on high alert and concerned someone was breaking in. Hopefully today we will get all the boxes at least unpacked and settled.
More boxes on the port side,
this was cleared enough for the dogs to have a place to sleep.

Tired puppies!

Looking to see where dad is. This is also a great view of how long he is!
As I said earlier, I think I got it all but it has been a lot. Soon to come will be before and after pictures and a frequency asked questions post. If you have questions, comment below so we can make sure to answer them for you. Again, thanks for all your support :)

~ Admiral

Turned the Corner!

We finally feel like we've turned the corner from tearing things up/out of the boat and into putting what we want IN the boat. The headliner and side paneling started going up today, and will make an ENORMOUS difference in the look and feel of the main cabin.

It's been a messy job! The admiral has done all the priming and painting.

We've engaged Craig from Coastal Fiberglass to repair our keel. He assures us that he can get it done in enough time to allow us to paint the bottom and get tenalach back in the water no later than the 10th. He'll start Thursday. We'll be cutting it very close, but we'll have enough time to finish the interior and start to move things aboard while he works. We will most definitely be ready for a relaxing sail and a rum cocktail when this phase of work is all done! Our good friend Dan has been awesome, and claimed the end of the bowsprit as "his spot" today while working on the windlass.

The boat is still a mess, but we're really getting close!