Talk of tenalach

It't not all so serious! Sometimes the stooges just talk to each other. This time was Enzo trying to convince Zia it was his turn on the bed, which was on the floor.

Just a little laugh for you today! Happy 12/13/14!

Boat Project #2465

We have begun the head project! While the boat was in the yard before we moved aboard, we removed both conventional toilets. The toilets were set up to pump out without a holding tank, so even if we kept the heads they would have been illegal to use while in the slip. We have been fortunate for the last 6 weeks to use a small port - a-potty from my co-worker. This has been a LIFE SAVER for first thing in the morning and the middle of the nights.

We ordered a new composting head from Nature's head, but first had to do some remodeling. There was a shelf in the forward head that the old toilet sat on. We removed this (which was harder than expected, and took longer than expected) and cleaned the hull. There were a lot of "hidden screws" to find, and some were stripped. Just additional challenges that we are working through. Fortunately Chuck is a great handy man to have around. I get to be the small hands and small body for the small boat spaces! We did takes turns on this removing trim, screws, and pieces of the stool. 

The dogs were helpful as always, checking on and making sure the settee cushion didn't float away.  They are getting used to the noise we are making when working on projects, and seem to annoy them since we are interrupting their nap. 

We are continuing to learn that as we start new projects, we do them one at a time. The entire boat is destroyed when working on one project. If we try to start a second project at the same we tend to get annoyed. I was able to do other "small" projects as I was waiting for my turn. A few Christmas decorations, clean sheets, and airing out underneath our hypervent so keep things dry!

We only get three stockings because the dogs ate the fourth! So now they share :)

Puppy kisses from me to you!

We got cocky with our docking!

While we are still very much in the learning phase of owning and sailing tenalach, I have been more than proud of both Chuck and I. He is learning a ton about being a captain and paying special attention to how tenalach handles herself in certain situations. With this knowledge, he has been learning about the prop walk, not rushing the docking, and therefore we have had success. I am proud of myself as a crew member with my strength to move the boat (or grab a line and pull us over), and my ability to jump from starboard to port side to assist in docking WITHOUT tripping, hitting myself, or causing a bruise. We have even successfully docked her with just the two of us!

With that said, we had a challenge on Sunday!

It was gorgeous weather for the first weekend in December, sitting around 60-70 degrees, and finally had some wind. The last couple of days we were able to sail, there was NO wind. So we got a crew together, including Chuck, myself, Kathy and Dave (they live aboard as well), and Chuck's high school friend David. We sailed with only the mizzen and the jib out about 1/3. tenalach was performing great, and this was the first time we had sailed without the main up. With her being a ketch rig, it is nice to have the options of different sails to put up and take down.

Everything went smooth until we came to the docking. We had a great set up, but the wind was blowing us forward into the main dock and we were unable to put her in reverse to back into the slip. We were getting concerned that we would run aground since we had not been that close to the main dock before. Before we knew it, the wind had blown us parallel against the pylons on our starboard side. At this point, we had attracted the attention of another captain and he was there to help. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do yet. So we starting walking the boat back with ropes and using different pylons. We were able to pivot off of a pylon to slightly back into a slip (not ours). Once we did this, we put her back in forward to head out to the channel to try again.

We are in the middle of turning around, still fighting the wind at this point, and the engine dies! No sputtering, no warning, nothing. Just dead!So here we are, all 43 feet of delightful boat floating in the middle of the channel and floating towards another dock and other boats. Our first thought was to anchor (as we didn't have a lot of options at this point), and so we started this process. Then the captain who was watching us shouted to us that we were floating towards an open slip if we could just help guide ourselves in there!

By this time, there was 5-6 other individuals on the docks helping us with boat hooks, throwing anchor lines, offering eyes, and lending eyes to watch all the boats around us! SO VERY THANKFUL FOR THE BOATING COMMUNITY, ESPECIALLY OUR FRIENDS AT SOUTHALL LANDINGS MARINA! 

To make a long story short, we got all tied in, made some new friends, and definitely earned an adult beverage. There was no damage done to any boats, and we all learned a lot of lessons.

Mike is also a diesel mechanic, so he went to check on the engine and said our fuel filter was clogged. Monday evening Chuck replaced both the primary and secondary fuel filter, yet the engine was still not running. It turns out we had sucked up a piece of algae from the fuel tank and that was stuck in the line. Once we cleared the line, we had the engine purring like a kitty! All is well!

Dog Pictures Just Because!!!

Enzo high fiving dad!