Lots of new things!

After about 6 weeks of silence from us, I feel there is a lot to update you on! Fortunately or unfortunately, Chuck and I have been traveling for the past three weeks. One here, one gone! However, we snuck in some evening sails when possible, and even got caught in our first rain storm!


Since the AC install, life is drastically better. Especially during the day for Chuck and dogs, and at night for everyone! I love sleeping in a chilly bed, and this makes the pups all cuddly! Since Chuck has been traveling, I am obviously responsible with more things around the boat. Normally he does things throughout the day that I am unaware of. One item being the sea strainer. I never knew we could suck up so many things. I was most mind blown by the jelly fish! When I pulled the strainer out, something flashed blue at me. Amazing, but I also thought I was going a bit crazy. Asking the dogs if they saw it also didn’t seem like the best step to convince myself I’m not crazy. There was a lot of suction, and just kinda mushy clear stuff. I dumped it in a bowl and watch out, JELLYFISH! It must have been a big one as I had to empty the strainer a couple times, each time flashing blue, until the AC was running solid again.


Last night when I emptied the strainer, I saw something moving SUPER FAST. I sucked up a little crab. Also threw him in a bowl, but he just ran around it. Fortunately, I was able to get him back in the water. Who knows what would’ve happened if he would have gotten out of the bowl and in big dog land? Ha!


As far as big dog land goes, let’s talk about bathing! I wouldn’t really say we have water dogs, and that they mostly tolerate ¬†bath time. Since they insist on cuddling, and they do their best to steal time in the bed, bathing is a must. If I pay someone to do this, it gets really expensive since they are so large. And it is not that I am incapable. So now we bathe on the dock! Haha! Below are pictures of Chuck bathing them. They both look pathetic, as if they are being abused. Don’t let them fool you, Enzo loves to be dried off and will actually push Zia out of the way when I come around with the towel!




Fourth of July you say? Why did that come and go so fast this year? Now I LOVE fireworks, and Chuck does a great job of taking me to see them when they are near us. If you remember, our first night anchored was to watch fireworks from the boat, living off the hook! ¬† But this year, we weren’t that motivated to go watch for whatever reason. We stalled and stalled, pretending we wanted to go out until eventually caving in and deciding to stay home. But what a great decision that was! While relaxing, the dogs started barking at what we thought was thin air. Chuck went up on deck, Enzo assisting, to see the commotion and it turns out it was FIREWORKS. Chuck came back down to tell me what was going on and to put Zia on deck. Once up there, she heard one firework and jumped back down. She fled to the aft cabin where she laid in a super tight ball and shook out of fear. I went up top to see the fireworks, and without exaggeration we had around 6 different firework shows going on! The pictures were hard to take, but the shows lasted for a good 30 minutes. I have no idea if they were legal, but we definitely appreciated the shows around us. I was checking on Zia the whole time, and she would barely move. When the shows quieted down, I climbed into bed and let her cuddle with me. She finally started to calm down once we all four were in bed! Pathetic! Unfortunately, she spent most of that weekend on edge because there were lots of fireworks.




Last but not least, SAILING! Like I said, we have been traveling and only able to sneak in a couple sailing trips due to time, wind, etc, etc. First, a sunset sail. I am beginning to learn how to captain the boat. Nerve racking for sure, but something I need to do.



We started with me driving tenalach out of the slip and through the inlet. As Chuck said, preparing the boat to leave the slip is something I know how to do, but telling someone what to do is a bit of a different story. I definitely need to work on sailing in straighter lines, but all with practice.


We normally do not sail with the dogs on deck, but the wind was very light and the cabin was warm so we let them up. After spending more than a week on land, and not much time on the boat before we went sailing I was definitely reestablishing my sea legs.WP_20150724_18_47_39_Pro














Puppy Selfies!




I thought I would save the best for last, at least in my opinion, with our first rain storm! We went out with a friend Matt knowing it would be light wind and we all had to be watching for weather. With both Matt and Chuck being pilots, I left that to them :).

unnamed (4)

How are morning started!

unnamed (5)

So we went out and by time we were on the Chesapeake Bay, the wind was gusting up to 5 mph. Needless to say, it got hot fast and boring. I knew they were watching the weather and I had full confidence in them. As we were packing up and heading home, I went down below to get something. When I came back up, Chuck asked for his rain jacket and I wanted to begin to put sail covers on. He told me just to sit down and get under the dodger. And he was correct, next thing I knew it was pouring rain!

unnamed (11)

Can you see the storm coming? Literally happened right before our eyes!

unnamed (12)

unnamed (13)

Pictures were taken by Matt as we all huddled under the dodger, while all still getting wet. Fortunately, the storm moved past and we were able to dock in dry weather. Docking is not something I want to do while raining, but I suppose that adventure will come in time.

unnamed (15)

unnamed (18)

Light at the end of the tunnel…phew!

unnamed (19)

Here is to an August full of much more sailing! Below pictures are of tenalach under sail at Ft. Monroe Public Beach.