Doggie Adventures!

Some of my favorite memories have been just hanging out on the docks with like minded people. Turns out, some think you are a little strange for wanting to live on the water. Hmm… Fortunately, pictures say a thousand words and the below pictures do this afternoon justice. We watched as a friend threw the ball off the dock and his pup, Patina, jumped in right after it. Then we watched Bristol learn to jump off the dock for the first time. It was very interesting to watch as she got better at her doggie paddle. Much less splashing as the afternoon went on.





And the best pictures of them all? That is right! To all you nay sayers, non believers, and dream killers (insert LOTS of sarcasm here), Enzo and I took the next step on my dream of SUP with him. You can read about how I obtained my SUP here, a great story in my opinion. No one believed me at first, and I just kept putting it out in the universe that one day Enzo and I would paddle board. Now, we took a huge step forward with him on the board!





While we still have a ways to go, at least we are making progress. I was not at all ready to take him away from the safety of the dock as there is no doubt in my mind I will end up in the water the first couple times.  At the end of the day, a wonderful afternoon hanging out with good people and great dogs on the docks! Life really is about relationships, experiences, and memories, not the stuff we can obtain.


Invasion of Invertebrates!

Jellyfish next to tenalach

From time to time, Salt Ponds is invaded by jellyfish. Sometimes they’re red, or clear, and sometimes we even get Leidy’s Comb Jellyfish flashing around tenalach. They tend to get sucked up in the strainer for the heat pump, as the admiral mentioned in the last post. A couple days ago we saw literally hundreds of them, floating by for hours. Having grown up on the Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay, we would normally see jellies that were dead and long since devoid of their tentacles, thanks to waves. These, however, were very much alive and swimming, and nearly all of them were fully intact. All these photos were taken in the same 5 minutes; and there were many more that I couldn’t get a good image of. This lasted all afternoon. Nature sure is beautiful.

Pink Jellyfish
Dont touch this one!
There are two in this photo
Two More
A little below the surface, but this one had very long tentacles