Invasion of Invertebrates!

Jellyfish next to tenalach

From time to time, Salt Ponds is invaded by jellyfish. Sometimes they’re red, or clear, and sometimes we even get Leidy’s Comb Jellyfish flashing around tenalach. They tend to get sucked up in the strainer for the heat pump, as the admiral mentioned in the last post. A couple days ago we saw literally hundreds of them, floating by for hours. Having grown up on the Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay, we would normally see jellies that were dead and long since devoid of their tentacles, thanks to waves. These, however, were very much alive and swimming, and nearly all of them were fully intact. All these photos were taken in the same 5 minutes; and there were many more that I couldn’t get a good image of. This lasted all afternoon. Nature sure is beautiful.

Pink Jellyfish
Dont touch this one!
There are two in this photo
Two More
A little below the surface, but this one had very long tentacles


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