Year 1 Complete!

When we first decided to move to Virginia, we said we had to at least stay three years. This was we had a chance to really become a part of the community, versus having a rough month and moving back too soon. With the boat, we decided one year. We would live aboard for four seasons, and then decide what we wanted to do. As our one year approaches, I have been thinking back on all of the things I have learned. And its a lot!

  1. Weather. I knew there we high tides and low tides, and that they are connected to the moon. I didn’t know there was a variance in the high tides or how extreme that variance can be.
  2. Sailing. I understood that the wind filled the sailed and that is how we moved through the water, but how did the sails get up there? How did they come down? Is driving a boat like driving a car? Where are the lanes out on the water for me to stay in?
  3. My breaking point. I know what I can handle, and I know when I need a break. Period.
  4. Being unplugged. We like to vacation to places that have little to no cell service, along with no internet. But being out on the Chesapeake Bay with only what you have on board, with whom you brought with you is a completely different experience.
  5. Patience. Everything in a sail boat takes longer! Traveling across the water, boat projects, limited space, etc. One project at a time otherwise we have a lot of tension in a small space, and it can get intense.
  6. Chuck. I know more about him without even realizing it. I can sense his moods, and know when I need to jump in or get out of the way. I also know when I need to keep my mouth shut.
  7. Stooges. We have a much better understanding of the dogs needs. Since we can’t pick them up, we have to work with them. Sometimes it takes two of us, but eventually we get there.

Our 18 months on tenalach have been more educational, demanding, and challenging than we ever thought it would be. But, we wouldn’t trade a day of it.

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