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Captain Chuck

captain chuck

Chuck grew up in a military family and is familiar with moving to new locations. He spent his high school years in Virginia Beach, VA and attended James Madison University (Go Dukes!) in Western VA. While in college, Chuck was a member of an A Capella group, The Madison Project, where he spent most of his spare time. He was rescued by Jasmine, his black lab mix that he got from the shelter and they were inseparable for the 11 years she spent with him. After college, he took a leap and moved to Manitou Springs, CO. He quickly fell in love with this very special place, along with the hiking and mountains it offered. However, he always had the idea and goal to one day live on a sailboat.


Chuck is a big vision thinker, and enjoys spending time in nature. When not contemplating life, you can find him listening (and singing) to music, or listening to TED talks. He has a passion for dog rescue, and believes a lot of society is missing a real connection to each other and to our surroundings. Chuck had some previous experience in sailing, but not much. Most of the experience came from a catamaran, and time spent on lakes.


Admiral Cookie


Lovingly known as Admiral Cookie by Chuck, Shell grew up in Aurora, CO. Her parents and younger sister still live in the same house she grew up in. Shell attended college at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and became highly involved in her business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. She grew up as an athlete with soccer and volleyball being her main passions, but never turns down a challenge or invitation to something athletic.  While also a dog lover, she gained a new perspective when Chuck invited her to start volunteering at a large dog rescue in Yoder, CO. This is where she was rescued by Enzo and Zia (more about them below).


Shell believes 100% in her bodies ability to heal itself, and takes a natural route when dealing with her body. You can find her meditating, experimenting with natural beauty regiments, and cooking new recipes which are mostly successful! Growing up in a landlocked state, the idea of living on a boat never crossed her mind, and did not have any sailing experience. However, she is always up for a challenge!

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Enzo (Big Man)

Enzo joined our lives in June 2012. We were volunteering at the dog rescue, puppies came in (absolutely adorable), and we had been considering another dog to keep Jasmine company in her older age. Enter Big Man! Shell quickly fell in love with this face, and he stole her heart. When wePuppies 2012 038 brought him home at 13 weeks, he was a mere 38 lbs. Loved to curl between Shell’s legs and nap, and was ready for adventures with Jasmine. Jasmine was not as excited about the new puppy, and definitely kept him in line. Enzo is now 3.5 years old and 130 lbs. He still tries to curl in between his mom’s lap, but realizes that his head on her lap is just as good.

Puppies 2012 028

For being the big man he is a big scaredy cat! He is afraid of everything with wheels (bikes, skateboards, strollers, etc.), but loves to show his love by rubbing his big ol’ head on you! And be prepared for slobber, especially after eating and drinking. He took some convincing to get on the boat, but has adapted very well. You will find him sleeping on the settee, trying to sneak onto the bed, and doing laps around the deck.



Zia Marie (Sweet girl)


(Zia photobombing in the background!)


This special lady joined us after we unexpectedly lost Jasmine. We knew we needed a second pup for Enzo to have a friend, and we both fell in love with her silly ears! She was mostly grown when she came home, close to 60 lbs. Enzo and her are litter mates, even though most assume she is younger. Nope! She just comes in a smaller package.


Zia is aggresively affectionate, and when you meet her be ready for her head in places you might not want. She doesn’t know a stranger, and knows how to use her head to get you to pet her. She plays the trumpet in the mornings. AKA she talks into a kong to wake us up. It’s not as cute as you’d think. She took no convincing at all to get on the boat, and is able to jump up and down the companion way whether or not we want her to.

This sums up the permanent tenalach crew, however we are always open to part time beginner crew members! Contact us if you want to come see our adventure in person.

Thanks for following our adventures!



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